Cbr Cos LLC

About Us

CBR Cos LLC is a boutique real estate company specializing in creative and non-traditional real estate solutions that you find a place to call home.


We know that finding a home can be challenging and complex, especially if you don’t fit all the typical requirements for lenders.  We understand that there are a variety of situations that cause someone to “not fit in the box”.  CBR Cos LLC underwrites each opportunity individually – to give your situation the attention and understanding you deserve.  We strive for creative solutions to help you find a place to call home.


Our main business dealings are in buy-and-hold rentals, rent-to-own, and notes.  However we are always looking for new opportunities – please contact us.


Case Study:


The Smith Family wanted to purchase a home rather than pay rent.  We were able to purchase their home, and provide a rent-to-own option that was more flexible and fit their situation better.  They no longer have to worry about having a place to live, they now OWN their home!


Please note that we DO NOT originate loans of any kind. We have private financing and money that we may leverage.